Video Security Systems Help Monitor Remote Areas

If you are in charge of operations or security management for businesses in remote areas or that do not have staff or customers entering overnight, you should consider a video security system for financial and staffing incentives.

Video Security Systems Benefits

  • Save Time. Video security offers extra help and protection for your business. You can have a system installed that observes and records every movement in any area. If you are protecting a remote location, and something or someone comes on the property in the middle of the night and triggers an alarm, you can remotely access the video to determine if there’s an intruder—or just an animal. Since you can monitor real-time video feed 24 hours a day, even from a mobile device, you’ll limit 3 a.m. trips to a site. Instead, you can go back to bed or take further action if it’s needed.
  • Save Money. A video security system can take the place of a security guard at night, in a location that may be unsafe, such as a remote construction site or warehouse. Video cameras can monitor perimeters, parking garages, and loading docks. The cameras can be programmed to tilt and zoom so that you’ll have a large field of vision if you want to access the feed.
  • Protect Personnel. Instead of using a exterior guardhouse, you can place a guard inside to monitor the video feed if someone approaches. A guard can have a conversation with visitors and verify their security badges and identification before allowing them to enter a building.
  • Reduce Risk. Using a video surveillance system shows your insurance company that you are serious about your property site and employee safety. It reduces both in-house theft and crime committed by strangers. Ask your insurance company if they offer discounts for installing video security systems, particularly in remote locations.

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