How Remote Video Surveillance Increases Productivity at Marcellus Shale Drilling Sites

You can now increase security and improve productivity at your drill site by using remote video surveillance systems. Where once it was difficult, if not impossible, to regulate and monitor everyone coming and leaving your site, now you can use a video surveillance and access control system.
Video Surveillance: Monitor your Marcellus Shale drill site even if you’re not there with video surveillance.

Access Control: Now you can also see who is entering and leaving using an access control system. Using computers, card keys, and electronic locks, you can see who is coming and going at any time—even if you’re nowhere near your drill site. You can also produce an activity report that will break down all movement within your entry and exit sites. Additionally, we can produce a video file

These save you time and money. You no longer have to pay a 24/7 guard at your site—with video surveillance and access control, you can monitor all activity on your drill site and determine what changes need to be made to make your site safer and more productive.

Call SSA today to learn more about what kind of security services we can provide for your Marcellus Shale drill site.

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