Your Home’s Safety Is Improved By New Security Technology

When you think about home security, does a large alarm system that is bolted to your inside doorway come to mind? If so, you’ll be surprised to hear what’s available now in residential security systems.

Technology has advanced a great deal in the past decade, and the mobile devices that most people own now, including smart phones and tablets, are a part of the security solution.

Here’s some of the new technology that can be used in your home:

  • Video Security. You can watch video feed on your mobile devices or laptop—even when you’re not home! Now when you go to work or leave for vacation, you’ll still be able to view the inside and outside of your home. You can also use a home video system to check on your kids when they come home from school.  Instead of a bulky alarm system, it’s operated with touchscreen keypads and wireless technology.
  • Security Alarms. SSA offers basic and sophisticated alarm systems that will protect your loved ones and your property. Some packages come with combination wired and wireless systems as well as motion detectors.
  • Central monitoring. Fire protection at its finest—now your home can have a central monitoring system with fire protection. If you aren’t home—or you your kids are home and you aren’t—you can be assured that the local fire department will be called and dispatched as soon as your system goes off.

These options are offered with monthly service packages and installation discounts, and can also allow you to receive a sizable discount through your insurance agency with fire and security monitoring.

Call SSA today to learn more about our residential services and packages, and take your home’s security to the next level.

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