Home Security Tips for The Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday is a time of family, togetherness, gift-giving and good cheer.

But while most of us are enjoying peace on earth and good will to men, it’s also a time when burglars know that many homes are stuffed with lots of new items, including cash, jewelry and electronics.

Here are some tips from Security Systems of America that you should follow to eliminate the risk of a home burglary during the Christmas season.

• If you’re leaving for the holidays to visit friends or relative, put your lights on a timer so that it appears that you are home during the day and the night. Stop your mail and your papers, too, because a pile of papers in your driveway or mailbox is a dead giveaway that you’re not home and probably won’t be home for awhile.
• If you’re leaving, don’t leave a message on your answering machine that lets everyone know. Also, don’t post your holiday plans on Facebook or any other social networking program. Privacy settings on those program are notoriously lax.
• Home invaders prefer houses that are easy to enter and easy to exit. That may not mean that burglars are thinking of entering through your door—they can just as easily break your window. If your tree is directly in front of a large window, burglars are going to assume that there are presents for them to take. The “smash and grab” is alive and well during the holidays.
• Your spare key that you think is only known to a few people is actually a very easy way for an invader to enter your home. Don’t hide a key above the door, in a fake rock, or near the window.
• Your garbage lets everyone know exactly what you received for the holidays—so break down boxes and buy black out bags that don’t announce what kind of expensive presents you now have in your house.

Contact SSA today to get an estimate on a home security system. Don’t let the joy of the holidays be ruined by a burglar!

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