Summer Break-Ins & Safety

June 25, 2015

Summer Safety Tips Summertime is unfortunately, the season of burglary. Compared to the rest of the year, simple summertime weather increases break-in rates by 10%, no matter if you are in a secured building or private house. This is why our team at Security Systems of America has formed a few summer tips on how […]

Summer Security Tips

May 26, 2015

Security Tips for the Summer Summertime is filled with outdoor fun, which leaves the inside of your home or business vulnerable to break-ins while you are out. Warmer seasons pose the greatest risk of burglary crimes than any other time of year. With this in mind, our team at Security Systems of America is here […]

Security Tips for Apartment Living

April 20, 2015

Apartment Security Tips No matter where you live, taking safety precautions for general protection is always important. Yet living in an apartment calls for a few specific security measure, since apartment living is a bit different than residing in a duplex, detached house, et cetera… Having this in mind, the following tips are a few […]

Does My Business Need a Security System

March 2, 2015

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE AVAILABILITY There are several benefits to having video surveillance as part of a business security system unit. The people at Security Systems of America in Pittsburgh pa have seen signs that having a video surveillance as part of the business security system setup can be helpful in catching the employees who are not […]

Never Forget The Importance of Security

December 4, 2014

Why Security is so Important Home or business security is important. Keeping employees, family or customers safe from robbery, uninvited intruders or vandalism leads to a comfortable atmosphere, free from stress, in which to live and work. Security Systems of America, located in Pittsburgh, PA is one such company that carries and installs security installation […]

Fire Alarm Inspection, and Why it’s Important

October 15, 2014

Inspecting Your Fire Alarm Your fire alarm system serves as a safety system which provides to your property, as well as the people and possessions in it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Ensuring that your system is able to properly operate and communicate is a crucial and often overlooked part of maintaining […]


August 7, 2014

WHY USE ACCESS CONTROL? Controlling access to your business is the first step in guaranteeing a secure environment. With an access control system you can restrict entry points, communicate with visitors via cameras and intercom before allowing access, monitor sensitive and high-risk areas, and generate reports that detail events.

Getting the Most Out of Your Alarm System

July 1, 2014

Do You Get The Most Out Of Your Alarm System? As a business owner, you may have purchased business or property insurance to protect yourself from loss in the event of theft, vandalism or other events. Insurance is a great way to recoup losses after the fact, but a commercial alarm system can be installed […]

Quality Security Systems at Security Systems of America

June 6, 2014

Being Prepared At Security Systems of America, we know what a difference an alarm system can make in the lives of home and business owners. An alarm system supplies a property owner with peace of mind whether it is protecting family members inside a home or inventory inside a business. Consider just a few of […]

Making Sure to Keep Your Business Safe

May 21, 2014

Business Security Security plays a vital role to the success of any organization, but many businesses choose to forego simple steps such as a commercial alarm system or comprehensive security system because they think that the cost outweighs the benefit. Nothing could be further from the truth. The same technology that makes everyday life easier […]